Surya: The Source, The Sun

Form gives rise to meaning, meaning gives rise to form.


About Surya Jewels:
Surya Jewels connects the individual to Yogic teachings through form. Surya Jewels is an authentic line of Sanskrit jewelry. Each piece contains the essence of Yogic knowledge. Manorama, owner and designer of Surya Jewels, was raised in an artistic family that showed a deep appreciation for art. Manorama is the founder of the Sanskrit Studies & Luminous Soul Methods. She tours the world teaching Sanskrit Studies & Luminous Soul Methods.

Surya Jewels Craftsmanship:
Designed by Manorama, Surya Jewels reflects the essence of Yogic teachings in manifest form. Each piece is hand-crafted and produced in NYC. Along with the vibrational quality of Sanskrit, Surya Jewels pieces contain the careful attention from a select group of artisans working in the trades of casting, metal-smithing, and polishing, lending each Surya Jewels piece a unique quality.

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