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The Surya Process

Our jewelry is a mix of ancient meets modern. Each piece is carefully designed by Manorama. As you peruse the Surya catalog notice how each piece reflects something to embody or carry forward in your life. If it's a gift for someone, select piece from our catalog as a sacred wish for that person.

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    Surya Pendants are a stylish mix of ancient wisdom meets modern life.

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    Surya Rings are a bridge between the ancient tradition of the wise Yogis and your modern every day life.

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    Surya Bracelets are an elegant emblems of peace, wisdom and goodness, carrying yogic messages into your life.

hear what our customers say

"I got the ahimsa earrings and necklace. I love my Surya jewelry. Not only is the craftsmanship beautiful, but the design and origin of the pieces are what make it that much more special to me. Since getting my pieces, I've felt like I have a stronger connection with my spirituality. They are beautiful tangible pieces that I touch throughout my day when I need a "connection" or a reminder. Surya pieces are like no other. For me, they are priceless."

Ana V, Karuna Soul Living Yoga

"Since I acquired the Mā Surya necklace years ago, it has become quite a grounding touch point and symbol for me… A way to offer my life and will to a loving and compassionate power greater than myself… And a place to turn to in my healing for support."

Beth R, Texas

“I got the VAK ring in 14 kt gold. I was immediately drawn to it. When I put it on it felt perfect. This ring is not like my other jewelry. It's special because it reminds to stay on my path. It reminds me that a greater power's got my back. I never go anywhere without my Vak ring. It's my creative super power ring.”

Bhavani Civan, Director

“I love my Ma heart necklace. It has brought out a sense of love, connection and power towards myself and my friends, colleagues and loved ones. It gives me a reminder to practice gratitude, to be present and to extend generosity. It reminds me that I am not alone and that my strength is a good thing.”

Jennifer M., Director, Teacher
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Living Svaha

In the core of your being lies a profound calm and wisdom. Learn to access this truth in every aspect of your life.

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    Hello, I'm Manorama

    Welcome to Surya Jewels. I created this line of Jewelry as a way for you to have points of contact as you move about your life. I have a background in Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. This informs Surya's line of jewelry. It's my wish that these pieces guide you towards embracing your own divinity, as you walk through all the experiences of your life.

    Surya Jewels was conceived during a conversation I had with my mother in her kitchen about Sanskrit and artistic form. At the time, I'd already spent a good portion of my life steeped in traditional Sanskrit and Yogic training. I told my mother that I wanted to make jewelry that was a meeting point between Sanskrit and Yogic wisdom and aesthetic beauty. I noticed when people regularly interacted with yogic concepts, steadily, over time, they made real progress in living those teachings. I wanted the jewelry to support people in this way. Always up for a creative idea, my mother showed great enthusiasm for the project.

    My aim with Surya is to have the pieces interact, for the wearer to say the Sanskrit words that attracts them, to touch the shapes that draw their attention and to consider the piece's meaning. I know that when you regularly interact with, for example, Padma, which means beauty, alignment, prosperity, that you will invite these principles into your life. You will be a place where they are embodied.

    Surya Jewels is a Sanskrit & Yogic Jewelry line. Each piece is personally created by me with the aim to connect you with your higher purpose, giving you healing and empowerment.

    Discover Your Unique Spiritual Jewelry

    At Surya Jewels, we believe in the power of jewelry to symbolize and protect. Our collections are designed with intention, offering pieces that carry deep meaning and resonate with your spiritual

    Explore Our Collections

    Gold and Silver Jewelry

    Our exquisite 14 kt gold necklaces and 14kt gold pendants are crafted to perfection, symbolizing prosperity. Embrace the elegance of our Sterling Silver jewelry and understand the silver's symbolism that promotes clarity and vision.

    Spiritual Jewelry

    Peruse our collection of spiritual jewelry which includes spiritual bracelets, spiritual rings, and spiritual earrings. Each piece is designed with Sanskrit words and Yogic symbolism to support your spiritual practice.

    Symbolic Pendants and Charms

    Wear pendants that have meaning and connect with spiritual significance. Our jewelry ranges from Sanskrit blessings to spiritual wishes, each imbued with powerful symbolism.

    Types of Necklaces

    Explore various necklaces and find the perfect one that suits your style and need, we have a diverse selection.

    Why Choose Surya Jewels?

    Meaningful Designs: Each piece of jewelry is thoughtfully designed to convey Yogic symbolism and spiritual significance through Sanskrit.

    Quality Craftsmanship: We use only the finest materials, including 14 kt gold,sterling silver.

    Personal Connection: Our jewelry helps you stay connected to Yogic wisdom and brings a sense of peace and protection.Browse our collections and find the piece that speaks to your soul. Whether you're drawn to the elegance of gold or the purity of silver, we have something just for you.


    What is Spiritual Jewelry?

    Spiritual jewelry incorporates symbols and materials believed to hold spiritual significance, such as mantra necklaces, protection symbols, and sacred symbols. It's often used for meditation, protection, and as a reminder of one's spiritual beliefs.

    What Jewelry is Lucky?

    Lucky jewelry is believed to bring good fortune and protection. Common examples include four-leaf clover charms, horseshoe pendants, evil eye jewelry, and birthstone pieces.

    How to Wear Jewelry Spiritually?

    To wear jewelry spiritually, choose pieces that resonate with your beliefs. Wear them during meditation, as daily reminders of your intentions, or on special occasions to harness their symbolic energy.

    What is Sentimental Jewelry?

    Sentimental jewelry holds personal significance and emotional value, often tied to memories or relationships. Examples include heirlooms, gifts from loved ones, or pieces commemorating special events.