What are Spiritual Gifts?

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What are Spiritual Gifts?

“The greatest treasures of life lie not in the external world but within the depths of our own being.”

Amidst the chaos and hussle we face in our everyday life, it's easy for us to lose sight of what really matters, that is, our spiritual essence. Spiritual practices give us the opportunity to truly understand the purpose of life and what these practices give us leading us to obtain spiritual gifts. 

But what exactly are these gifts, and how can we access them in our daily lives?

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

Understanding Spiritual Gifts

The skill you gain from spiritual practices are known as Spiritual Gifts. These gifts can be classified as: 

1. Understanding your purpose in life

The first gift of spiritual practice is understanding one's purpose in life. This gift helps you to align yourself with your true calling, rather than feeling lost. 

2. Feeling truly grounded

The second gift is being truly grounded. Being grounded your soul in the present moment allows you to have inner resources like the ability to remain calm amidst any chaos you face in life. 

3. Living a life aligned with your soul

The third spiritual gift happens when you learn to live your life aligned with your soul. When our actions resonate with the depths of this in your being, every moment becomes meaningful. 

4. Becoming a compassionate person

The fourth spiritual gift is when you become a compassionate person. Compassion emerges as a natural consequence of our connection to the divine, teaching us to accept and acknowledge all beings, as they are, and recognizing they are doing the best they can with what they understand.

Accessing Spiritual Gifts Through Daily Practices

Accessing Spiritual Gifts Through Daily Practices

Now that you know what spiritual gifts are, how do you access these spiritual gifts? I’ll explain, but remember attaining these gifts takes two things- time and patience. 

1.Sanskrit Chanting

Start your mornings by chanting the Sanskrit goddess mantra:

OM Namo Devyai Mahā Devyai Śivāyai Satatam Namah

Meaning: “We extend our respect to the Goddess, who is pure energy itself.”

Do this for 3 months and watch the change. Your day will start in a positive and healing way.

2. Yoga Meditation

This practice allows you to build a direct connection with your soul, that goes beyond mind and body. Dedicate at least three days every week to immerse yourself in Yoga Meditation. Sit quietly for 8 minutes, observe your thoughts without any attachment. 

3. Pranayama

Begin with a basic pranayama practice called “Nadi-Shodhana”, alternate nostril breathing, twice a week. This practice balances your energy flow, revitalizing your entire being and fostering inner harmony.

4. Reflective Practice

After each session, take 5 to 6 minutes, be still and notice the effects that each of the practices has on you. 

By working with these spiritual practices, you will experience the spiritual gifts of insight, wisdom, intuition, grounded-ness and a sense of being connected with your soul wherever you are and in all that you do.


What are spiritual gifts and why are they important?

Spiritual gifts are the profound experiences attained through spiritual practices that give our lives purpose, grounding, alignment with the soul, and compassion. They are crucial as they help us understand our purpose in life and how to stay grounded. 

How can I access spiritual gifts in my daily life?

Accessing spiritual gifts requires dedication to daily spiritual practices. Try these out - Begin your mornings with Sanskrit chanting to invoke divine energy. Dedicate time thrice a week to yoga meditation, allowing you to connect with your soul beyond the mind and body. 

What benefits do spiritual practices have?

Spiritual practices bring to you insights, wisdom, intuition, groundedness, and a profound sense of connection with your soul in all aspects of your life. These practices not only enhance your spiritual well-being but also bring clarity, peace, and purpose to your everyday existence.

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