Welcome to Surya Jewels. I created this line of Jewelry as a way for you to have spiritual points of contact as you move through your life. I have a background in Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. This informs Surya's line of jewelry. It's my wish that these pieces guide you towards embracing your own divinity, as you walk through all the experiences of your life.


Surya Jewels was conceived during a conversation I had with my mother in her kitchen about Sanskrit and artistic form. At the time, I'd already spent a good portion of my life steeped in traditional Sanskrit and Yogic training. I told my mother that I wanted to make jewelry that was a meeting point between Sanskrit and Yogic wisdom and aesthetic beauty. I noticed when people regularly interacted with yogic concepts, steadily, over time, they made real progress in living those teachings. I wanted the jewelry to support people in this way. Always up for a creative idea, my mother showed great enthusiasm for the project.

My aim with Surya is to have the pieces interact, for the wearer to say the Sanskrit words that attracts them, to touch the shapes that draw their attention and to consider the piece's meaning. I know that when you regularly interact with, for example, Padma, which means beauty, alignment, prosperity, that you will invite these principles into your life. You will be a place where they are embodied.

Surya Jewels is a Sanskrit & Yogic Jewelry line. Each piece is personally created by me with the aim to connect you with your higher purpose, giving you healing and empowerment.